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3 November 2011

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19 October 2011

O.Mykolaichuk: Ukraine fulfills recommendations of the IAEA on enhancing the control in the area of nuclear safety


14 October 2011

On October 14, 2011, NAEK “Energoatom” has submitted for consideration to SNRIU the results of stress-tests carried out on operating Ukrainian NPPs sites


29 August 2011

On August 26th, 2011, a meeting at the Zaporizhzhia NPP site was held under the heading of the Chairperson of the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine Ms. O.Mykolaichuk


1 June 2011

In-depth Targeted Safety Assessment of Ukrainian NPPs: Inspection of Emergency Preparedness started at Zaporizhzhya NPP


27 May 2011

State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine Board Resolution No.2 on 19th of May 2011

On Action Plan for special targeted safety reassessment and further safety improvement of Ukrainian NPPs in the light of the events at Fukushima-1 (“stress tests”)


7 April 2011

NEVER AGAIN: An Essential Goal for Nuclear Safety


9 March 2011

According to the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine the Public Board of the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate on Ukraine has been established on the 18th of February 2011


9 December 2010

The IAEA follow-up mission “Integrated Regulatory Review Service” in Ukraine


26 November 2010

Agreement on Transportation of Nuclear Materials between Russian Federation and Slovak Republic through the Territory of Ukraine is signed