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SNRIU Chairman Sergiy Bozhko: Ukraine is a member of WENRA

Today on 26 of March 2015 in Geneva (Switzerland) Ukraine was recognized as a full-member of WENRA. During the WENRA meeting, SNRIU Chairman Sergiy Bozhko thanked to all WENRA members concerning Ukraine participation in the organization:


First of all I would like to say thank you very much to all members of the association for a positive decision. We understand that this decision was very difficult/very hard from two reasons: because Ukraine is not a member of the EU and the second - is very difficult currently situation in Ukraine now. But your decision is also expressing support our country. WENRA is the key and active participants in developing of unified reference levels in the EU nuclear and radiation safety regulation, as well as to provide conditions for the regional nuclear safety, and pays special attention to the appropriate discussions of challenging issues and development of mutual further actions. We will support all decisions and will implement all measures in the framework of WENRA activity.