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Statement of the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine

Statement of the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine


Mr. Chairman!

Dear Colleagues!


In Europe, WENRA is one of the key and active participants in developing of unified reference levels in the EU nuclear and radiation safety regulation, as well as to provide conditions for the regional nuclear safety, and pays special attention to the appropriate discussions of challenging issues and development of the top - level requirements for further actions.

Giving the increased attention of the international community in overcoming the consequences of the accident at the nuclear power plant "Fukushima-Daiichi" the international cooperation focuses on sharing the experiences and performing assessments and evaluations to review and enhance the existing international standards in order to increase the level of the nuclear and radiation safety.

Ukraine – is one of the advanced nuclear energy countries with unique long-term experience of regulating NPPs safety with VVER type reactors, takes all opportunities to be active in all aspects of WENRA activities. During the last 5 years Ukraine, being an observer, takes active part in the plenary meetings of Association and its working groups (Reactors Harmonization (RHWG), Waste and Decommissioning (WGWD).

I would also like to note the important results of WENRA initiative to hold self-assessment of national laws and regulations for compliance with the reference levels (standards) of WENRA. Ukraine immediately joined the process recognizing the priority of the issue.

The national regulator of Ukraine initiated a comprehensive program on analysis and revision of national nuclear safety rules. The government of Ukraine approved an Action plan to improve safety culture and public relations on nuclear safety issues, also approved the Comprehensive program on the enhancement of nuclear safety of Ukrainian NPPs according to the results of stress tests.

Ukraine has clearly demonstrated its intention to reach highest level of nuclear safety, and maintained active involvement in Association work.

Allow me to use this opportunity to address you Mr. Chairman, Vice-Chairs, and distinguished representatives of WENRA member countries with formal application for membership status of Ukraine within WENRA. Our European goals are clear. 16 September 2014, EU and Ukraine Parliaments ratified Ukraine – European Union Association Agreement and we are positive about its successful implementation.

To emphasize one more time, it is worth appreciating efforts and contributions of all Association member states and observers for the development and revision of NPP safety enhancements as well as promotion of the cooperation in peaceful uses of nuclear energy.


Sergiy Bozhko