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27 May 2016

Full-Scale Training of Response Teams and Forces in Case of Sabotage


29 October 2015

Extension of service life-time of Unit 2 of South-Ukraine NPP


28 September 2015

SNRIU Chairman Sergiy Bozhko: SNRIU experts disprove false information about SUNPP-1


28 August 2015

SNRIU presents Annual Report 2014

We propose to your attention the Report on Nuclear and Radiation Safety in Ukraine for 2014. In the past, Ukraine experienced unprecedented times in its history. The events that currently occur in Ukraine have posed new challenges to regional and global safety and security and have questioned the existing norms of international law.


2 July 2015

Radiation Monitoring Following Fire in Exclusion Zone


22 June 2015

SNRIU disproves gossips spread by unreliable media about possible radioactive contamination in Donetsk


Status of Ukrainian NPP units

28 May, 2016
27 May, 2016 »
26 May, 2016 »

International Annual Topical Meeting

Roundtable on the Aarhus Convention and Nuclear «TOWARDS NUCLEAR AND RADIATION SAFETY IN UKRAINE THROUGH MULTI-STAKEHOLDER DIALOGUE» will be held in Kyiv, Ukraine on February 21, 2013
On 12th of December 2012 an international workshop “Establishment of regulatory control for abandoned radioactive sources and strengthening of vulnerable sources. Experience and prospects of Ukraine” will be held in Ukraine